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5 Ways a Nursing Agency Can Elevate Your Career

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Staff Nurses without a doubt are one of the most known careers in healthcare. We know that being a staff nurse, sometimes, does not fit everyone’s lifestyle.

If the above sentence describes you, why not try Agency Nursing? A career in agency nursing is both rewarding and promising, offering many compelling reasons to choose it over a traditional staff nursing career.

In this blog, we have listed the Top Five Ways Agency Nursing can boost your career and life.

Ready for the ride? Let’s begin!

Firstly, what does an Agency Nurse Do?

Basically, An Agency Nurse is a Registered Nurse (Could be a general or a specialized nurse) working for an agency. Your responsibilities remain mostly the same as a typical staff nurse working in a hospital or other medical facility; the only difference is that you will be working for an Agency rather than directly for a Hospital. As agencies, we employ nurses and place them in particular institutions, hospitals, nursing homes, private home care, and so on- on a temporary contract basis in a variety of healthcare facilities.

Now, Let’s get on to why Agency Nursing could be a life-upgrading choice for you. 

Top 5 reasons To Register With Nursing Agency:

Work as you will!

Work as you will

You read that correctly! The good thing about being an agency nurse is that you are free to decide how many days you want to work. Whether you want to work during weekdays/weekends/daytime/night- You get the full control here. This affords flexibility in work shifts- unlike a staff nurse who can only adjust their work schedules to a limited extent and many times, it is almost impossible to arrange for leaves because of heavy work burden.

With Agency Nursing, you get flexibility meaning you can maintain quality work and personal life balance, hence more fulfillment about your job.

Get Better Pay!

Get Better Pay

Thats right! Contrary to expectations, staff nurses often receive higher payment rates through nursing agencies. It’s simple: you choose the number of days you want to work, and you get paid accordingly! Moreover, since you are in a position to determine the extent of your hours of work, you can always work additional shifts should you decide to save more! That way, not only does it offer you financial stability, but you can also save a little more to set up money for specific events or perhaps even a self-care vacation.

Travel and Work- together!

Travel and Work- together

As a permanent staff nurse, especially in the public sector, you mostly work in a single institution. Whereas, working for an Agency meaning that they provide services to multiple locations across the state/country. So you can always work at so many new places. Whether in metropolitan cities or smaller towns that offer a more relaxed lifestyle. You will get options for selecting workplaces that are convenient for you in terms of proximity to your place. Or if you are up for a new experience, your choice can be a new place away from home!

So, now, not only does work feel so refreshing, but you get lots of opportunities to move around. You explore different places, meet more people, and witness new things.

Get great learning Opportunities

Get great learning Opportunities

As an Agency Nurse, you will be posted in various facilities where you will interact with several individuals, management and so on. You are not limited to just a single position, you may be posted to hospitals, institutions, intellectual disability facilities, aged care centers, etc. Which means you will be introduced to a lot of varying healthcare divisions and areas. So this will be a perfect chance to refresh your old knowledge, while also getting new experiences that will not only help you to provide better care to your patients but also get a valuable addition to your CV!

Grow your professional network!

Grow your professional network

To administer quality care for your patients, as a nurse, you will work with different health professionals and teams- meaning meeting new people all the time. So, not only do you realize that now you will meet a lot of people and find new opportunities, but you might also make good friends at the workplace! In addition, widening your professional network also means brighter future opportunities awaiting ahead- such as great references or possibly, an even better nursing job offer for a permanent position at your preferred healthcare facility.

Final Verdict On Benefits Of Working With Nursing Agency

It can be as little as one shift a month right through to 3 shifts a week or 40-plus hours a week – Agency Nursing can offer you both the freedom and a great platform, whether it’s for some extra money for hobbies to making it your full-time career. Not only do you get an opportunity to enrich the lives of your patients, you also pay your bills and maintain a good lifestyle.

So whether you are a student, a working parent, or someone keen to try a new change in their nursing career, Agency Nursing has amazing benefits- but most importantly and the best part- You get to work tailored to your own life routine.

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