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Top 5 In-Demand Nursing Jobs in Australia

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In demand nursing jobs

Aspiring to boost your skills and advance your career with a handsome salary package in health care? If the answer is “Yes”- we have great news for you!

Nursing is among the most respected and noble careers globally. Along with doctors, nurses save millions of lives daily.

Speaking of global healthcare, Australia has been on the rise in generating great employment opportunities in healthcare, especially for nursing professionals in particular.

Today in this blog we bring you the list of Australia’s 5 most sought-after and rewarding nursing jobs.

So, if you are interested in bettering patient care and, at the same time, are looking forward to exploring the promising future- Keep reading till the end. Now, let’s begin!

Firstly, Why are Nursing Jobs in such demand in Australia?

There are a couple of factors that have a huge influence on why nursing jobs are such a massive demand in Australia today. Some of them are-

  • Australia’s aging population
  • The increasing rate of chronic diseases (Including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, dementia, etc)
  • Prevalent mental health problems.
  • Higher Need for timely medical needs (Taking the example of the COVID-19 pandemic)

So, What are the Top 5 Sought After Nursing Jobs in Australia?

1) Aged Care Nursing

Since the focus of this area of nursing is in aged care, one will mainly be attending to elderly patients.

Given that the human beings’ lifespan is currently steadily increasing, so is the need for highly qualified professionals in aged care. Patients who are generally elderly may be suffering from several chronic conditions, and therefore need adequate care and attention while they go through this phase of their lives.

An aged care nurse may be employed in a nursing home, a residential care facility, a hospital, or as an independent home-based private nurse.

You will be called upon to provide care and guidance in managing patients’ pain and medication therapy, respond to emergencies, prevent and control infections, promote comfort measures in terminal illnesses, engage in rehabilitation activities, offer support to the patient and the family, etc.

2) Mental Health Nursing

As per Health Workforce Australia, the Mental Healthcare industry is expected to experience the most acute workforce deficiencies in the future. However, thanks to increasing awareness of mental health, the government is trying to delegate more resources towards it.

As a Mental health nurse, your job is to care for patients suffering from mental health ailments like bipolar, major depressive disorders, schizophrenia, substance use disorders, and more.

For this, You will be working hand in hand with psychologists, psychiatrists, and general practitioners to assist patients and families.

Mental health nurses work in hospitals, local health services, as well as other facilities and departments in the community and at home.

3) Registered Nurses ( RN)

Registered Nurses ( RN)

Registered Nurses are considered to be the largest clinical workforce in the country. Based in public and private healthcare facilities, they are primarily involved in the direct frontline delivery of services to patients.

Registered nurses (RNs) can practice in different healthcare facilities and with various categories of patients. Another possible RN role is that they may perform their duties in a specialized area of their choice like oncology, neonatal, etc, among others.

Typically an RN will find employment with an Intensive care facility, long-term care, home health care, physician practice, Outpatient clinic, etc.

4) ICU or Critical Care Nursing

ICU nurses are highly sought after because emergencies in healthcare are frequent and health facilities like hospitals and clinics will always need some form of specialized Intensive Care Unit help in stress-inducing places.

As Critical Care nurses, you will perform several duties, which depend on the type of patient you will attend to.

To become a critical care or ICU nurse in Australia, one must be a Registered nurse (RN), have a certificate from a recognized institution, and must also have advanced training in critical care or intensive care courses.

5) Theatre and Recovery Nursing

Theatre nurses deal with patients at their most vulnerable times, and they are responsible for offering services of care before, during, and after undergoing surgery.

From preoperative assessment of the patient, and preparation of the operating room up to postoperative patient care, these nurses are incredibly important in the functioning of hospital operating theatres.

Theatre Nurses need to cooperate with other members of the surgical team, including surgeons, anesthetists, other nurses, and other members of the operative team together to ensure that patients receive the best possible care throughout all stages of surgery.

Their roles involve patient care, educating, and comforting patients and their families, as well as ensuring the cleanliness of the surgical place and helping in handling specialty instruments in surgery.

Current Demands & Future Growth Prospects In Nursing Today

As predicted and evidenced, the nursing profession is expected to be in more demand as time goes on.

According to AHPRA, current statistics indicate that the number of nurses is still rising, constituting nearly 55% of all health workforce in Australia today.

About fresh nurses, the approximate entry into its health system is an average of 3000 nurses every month in Australia. Still, As much as there has been progress made, there is a huge nurse shortage problem, particularly in aged care facilities and other hard-to-reach regions.

Also, from the World Health Organization data, it is feared that the lack of healthcare workers resources is likely to reach 10 million in the following six years by 2030. This therefore implies that the need for nurses in the health sector can only be expected to grow significantly in the near future.

So, especially for those nurses who have already done or are pursuing their post-graduate training. they can expect greater opportunity to pursue even a more massive career and higher pay.


Therefore, the world of nursing is a very exciting and fulfilling career for all who possess the desire, skills, and enthusiasm to take care of individuals in health.

With a wealth of opportunities in Australia for career development, competitive salaries, and comprehensive benefits, it’s clear that nursing here is a profession with much to offer.

So, If you’re ready to take the plunge into this challenging yet fulfilling field, the road ahead promises to be both exciting and rewarding.

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