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Benefits of Choosing HCP Your Nursing Agency for Career Growth

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Benefits of Choosing HCP Your Nursing Agency for Career Growth

Are you interested in nursing agency work? Or, you are already an experienced nursing agency? For newcomers, let us tell you that working in shifts and as an agency is different. Being a full-time regular shift nurse, you are limited to a location. In contrast, nursing agency works casually with added benefits, and an array of facilities. 

 Considering the aging workforce, migration, and frozen pay, the data analysis report of Health Workforce Australia (HWA) says that the upcoming years may have to face a shortage of nurses. By 2025, there can be a shortage of 1 lakh nurses. Healthcare facilities in Australia are targeting to hire a young nursing workforce to deal with the aging population and pandemic situations. The COVID-19 pandemic underlined the high demand for healthcare workers.

This article discusses the benefits of working with a healthcare nursing agency, and why HCP is your invaluable staffing partner. 

Benefits of Partnering with Nursing Agency

1. Flexibility of Hours & Shifts

The temporary workforce in the nursing profession has more benefits, and facilities as compared to full-time nurses. Agency nurses can choose when, where, and how much to work.  It’s simple, you’ll get paid for the number of hours you work. Flexibility is a major advantage for student nurses who find it inconvenient to work night shifts. Also, you’ll be assigned limited tasks to be completed within your working hours.

Furthermore, there is no baggage of completing the extra work at home. Isn’t that great? HCPs know that the nursing workforce also has some other commitments in busy lifestyles. To match the rising demand for agency nurses,  we provide shifts as per your availability to help you maintain the work-life balance. 

2. Networking Opportunities

When you work as an agency nurse, you have better outreach and a bigger networking circle. Meeting with different healthcare professionals opens a pool of opportunities. Working in different healthcare facilities, and settings makes you more adaptable, skilled, experienced, and confident. As we always say, consistency is key to getting future recommendations and appraisals. So, working with a nursing agency, you’ll have to keep up the good work. Don’t worry about the job security, the supportive nursing staff at HCP would also help you create more opportunities for nursing jobs in Australia

3. Better Pay Rate

Once hired, staff Nurses get fixed wages whereas an agency nurse works & earns on an hourly basis. We do agree with the fact that staff nurses also get numerous benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, etc. But, if you compare the annual salaries of both designations, then you’ll find that agency nurses earn way more than staff nurses. The only condition is you’ll have to be active, disciplined towards your work, and available when offered the shifts. HCP healthcare pros make sure to offer shifts with higher hourly rates. Working with a nursing agency can be rewarding if you can manage to work a few extra hours when asked to show up at the last minute. Agency nurses are often paid premiums when work shifts are  challenging and unstable 

4. Different Work Environment

Due to their job of the nature, Agency Nurses have to travel and appear in different healthcare centers including:

  • Residential/ Care home centers
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Home care environment
  • Old age homes, and others

Working in different settings, and locations makes them adopt the qualities, and characteristics of top-quality nurses. They become more proactive, and flexible. Agency nurses swiftly adhere to a healthcare facility’s policies and procedures in a short time.

5. Exposure to new technologies and practices

With the HCP nursing agency, you can always seek better professional growth. Agency nurses have to travel for work in a range of healthcare systems. They encounter different equipment, state-of-the-art technologies, and procedures that benefit them in the long run. 

6. Tailored Support

HCP healthcare provides around-the-clock, and tailored support to the workforce. With us, you can also undergo nursing specialties training programs to upgrade your salary and designation. Whether you need training or orientation for the assigned duty, we are available 24/7 to guide you. Our nursing agency makes sure to assign the shifts based on your skills. You never know the nursing agency may reward you with health insurance, incentives, or a retirement plan depending on your performance. 

7. No Additional Workload

Working with a nursing agency gives you the additional leverage that you are not responsible for additional workload. All you have to do is complete your shift and go back home without any stress from external tasks. Another advantage is you are not part of dirty office politics. As compared to regular staff, your job is more flexible and provides fair compensation for challenging jobs.

8. Gain experience in different locations

Agency Nurses enjoy various other benefits including traveling to different locations in Australia. So, working at different locations, and different patients enhances your learning experience. HCP nursing agency offers various benefits including accommodations in hotels and high pay rates in remote locations. 

Ready for Partnering with HCP?

The nursing profession in Australia is the most rewarding career option. If you wish to be a part of our nursing agency, visit us directly to know the next step, or register with us online. We have plenty of job opportunities for different nursing roles as per your skills and availability.  

HCP’s entire registration process is quite simple and takes a couple of minutes. To get started, you need to provide a few documents such as ID proof, training certificates, experience (if any), etc. Whether you are new to the nursing profession or desire to change your designation, it’s high time to register with us.

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