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6 Qualities To Look For In An Agency Nurse

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Looking for ways to get serious growth in your nursing career? Agency nurses are highly in demand as per the projected job growth. Healthcare centers and hospitals make sure to retain and hire the best nurses who can leave a positive impact on patients. Not every agency nurse is equally talented, you have to earn the title of most sought-after agency nurse.  

Who wouldn’t love to hire an agency nurse that can create a difference in the workplace, and patients’ well being? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss the qualities and characteristics that you can incorporate to become an exceptional agency nurse. 

Let’s find out how to develop these special skills to boost your career growth, and earn some extra dollars!

Basic Qualities of an Exceptional Agency Nurse

  • They are highly professional but humble.
  • They are highly confident and are always open to vulnerability.
  • They can easily adapt to any atmosphere.
  • They use a proactive approach at the workplace.
  • Skilled Agency Nurses never lose their calm, and are very careful.

Agency Nurses play a critical role in healthcare systems. These are some basic qualities that every healthcare facility looks for, and every Agency Nurse should possess as a part of their job. Not only does it help create a happier workplace environment but also creates plenty of job opportunities to enhance your nursing career growth. Start practicing these skills from today to make your workplace proud.

Now let’s dig a little deeper to learn how to develop these skills!

1. Professionalism

Professionalism is the key to your success and growth. but being professional doesn’t mean exceptional agency nurses are not respectful, and humble. It’s one of the best qualities that keeps you close to the patients as well as helps earn the trust of the workplace. During the work shifts, no one will supervise you. So being an agency nurse, you must maintain the standards including 

  • The way you interact with patients & their families.
  • Quality of Care you offer to maintain a positive Nurse-patient relationship
  • How do you groom yourself? 
  • Punctuality 
  • Adhering to the procedures, and policies of the hospital, and so on.

You have the power to make or break the reputation of the hospital or healthcare facility you are working in. So, be sure to put in your best efforts while you work with a nursing agency

2. Confident, but not afraid to feel vulnerable 

Confidence automatically comes from within when you are being appreciated, taking good care of patients, and taking responsibility for the healthcare center. Confidence doesn’t mean being arrogant about your education, skills, or talent rather we are pointing to a sense of satisfaction that comes after completing your tasks. So, how can you develop confidence in the nursing Industry? 

  • Learn to make proper eye contact with your seniors, or junior staff.
  • Listen before you speak. When we say listen it means understand not hear. Never interrupt the conversation. 
  • Accept the workplace as it is. Avoid making offensive statements against the system. 
  • Ask questions, if you are new to some procedures 

So, the confidence formula is to be receptive to the new approach, recommendations, and feedback. 

3. Adaptability

Being an agency nurse, accept the fact that you might have to work in different locations. Many a time it happens that what you expect about your work shift is entirely different from what you get. Depending on the circumstances you might have to stay longer or complete other tasks if asked by the seniors in the health care center. No matter what, a nursing agency has to be supportive, calm, and flexible. Some of you may think that it’s not fair, but that’s the truth you can’t deny.  

The way you perceive orders or other duties not related to the task directly impacts your performance. The shift managers and other nursing staff honor such agency nurses who are always willing to do their assigned duties. 

When we say agency nurses should be adaptable, it doesn’t mean you have to say YES all the time. For example, if moving to a new location is genuinely inconvenient due to family commitments, you can always discuss it with your manager. 

4. Excellent Communication Skills

Agency nurses must know the art of interacting with patients, their families, and senior, and junior staff. The way you communicate reveals a lot about your attitude, characteristics, and traits. When working in hospitals, the most significant part is to create and maintain a positive nurse-patient relationship. If you are unable to connect with the patients, then unfortunately your nursing career path is at stake.

Nursing agencies look for a workforce that’s easy to integrate into the system. Communication is an important pillar that builds a healthcare center’s reputation, and quality of care provided by the agency nurses. Whether it’s about verbal communication or written documentation, an agency nurse has to be good at it!

5. Being Proactive

A skilled & exceptional agency has the quality to take the lead to break the old norms. Every profession needs such employees who can bring a positive change in the system. Consider each of your work shifts as an opportunity to show your ability and adaptability. Be a volunteer to try new things apart from your role. 

Show your willingness to earn certifications in Nursing career specialties and learn procedures you are unaware of. Practice being proactive during your working hours will boost your career growth. 

For example, In your free time, you can check if equipment needs to be cleaned, console the patient’s family, or suggest the best treatment procedures. Trust us, it’ll leave a strong impact on your relationship with patients, and the workplace. Extraordinary agency nurses have all these qualities. 

6. Being an Advocate for Patients

Being an advocate means providing them (patients) safety,on-time medication, and 24/7 quality care. It’s not easy to become an extraordinary agency nurse. If you want to earn this title, you’ll have to emotionally, and mentally connect with your patients. So they can rely on you, and discuss their pain, and feelings with you. A patient should not feel hesitant or isolated due to their severe problem. It’s the moral responsibility of an agency nurse to be compassionate, and humble towards them. Make them believe that everything is going to be ok and that they will recover soon. It’s a supreme quality of exceptional agency nurses that they create a true bond with their patients. Start empowering, educating, and engaging your patients for their well-being. 

Can you make a difference in healthcare as an agency Nurse?

So, now you have read, and know the real qualities of an exceptional agency nurse. You must have already evaluated your abilities, and qualities with the set benchmark. Tap on the back for ones who already possess these characteristics. For those who are lacking somewhere or realize that they could have done better, now is the moment to make a difference. Nursing demands passion and dedication. It’s way beyond just fulfilling the assigned tasks. Start adapting these qualities for your future progression.

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